Enabling that last piece of functionality in the smallest possible space is critical. That’s why you need the LatticeECP3’s 150 k LUTs With SERDES on-chip and power consumption starting below 0.5 W, LatticeECP3 FPGAs let you improve reliability and lower the cost of industrial, telecom or automotive infrastructure equipment
●Up to 16 channels at 3.125 Gbps
●800 MBps DDR3, 1Gbps LVDS
●Up to 586 programmable sysIO buffers with support for PCI Express, Ethernet (GbE, XAUI, & SGMII), HDMI, SMPTE, Serial Rapid I/O, CPRI and JESD204A/B and more
●Up to 150 k LUTs and 6.8 Mbits of SRAM
●Wide array of packages as small as 10.0 mm x 10.0 mm with power consumption below 0.5 W

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