iCE40 Ultra/ UltraLite/UltraPlus

iCE40 Ultra/ UltraLite/UltraPlus add new features to your mobile design and maximize product differentiation in an instant using up to 7680 programmable logic cells. Designed from the ground up for low power starting at 25 µW, these iCE40 devices maximize battery life and minimize power consumption for ultra-low power, always-on applications. .
iCE40 Ultra/ UltraLite/UltraPlus
●Ranging from 640 LUTs to 5,280 LUTs and key IP for sensor buffering, display driver, IR, barcode, voice, USB Type-C, user ID, and more…
●Flexible I/Os for signal type and positioning interfaces enable optimized layout and a more distributed heterogeneous processing architecture (DHP)
●48 MHz high performance oscillator, 10 KHz low power Oscillator
●Three 24 mA and one 500 mA current drive outputs used for RGB LEDs or IR LEDs
●Up to 26 I/Os for customized interfaces
●Up to 1.1 Mbit of single port RAM
●Up to 8x DSP blocks to support 16 x 16 Multiply
●I/O support for I3C, MIPI D-PHY and more

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