Western Digital (SanDisk)

OEM iNAND Storage Solutions

SanDisk's portfolio of embedded flash drives provides flexibility in technology choices. From interface to performance, capacity and endurance, our goal is to help your turn design ideas into reality.
OEM iNAND Storage Solutions
iNAND® 8521 UFS2.1 EFD (Embedded Flash Drive) is our most advanced flash storage solution built on the latest 3D NAND technology. With exceptional Read and Write performance, the iNAND 8521 EFD is designed to deliver a fast, smooth user experience for the most data-intensive flagship mobile devices, as well as thin-and-light compute products.

●UFS Interface: 64-layer 3D NAND technology with embedded UFS2.1 controller, designed for exceptional endurance and superior performance
●Write Performance: 5th generation SmartSLC combining both software and hardware acceleration, providing up to 500MB/s of Sequential Write speed and 45K IOPs Random Write speed
●Read Performance: Optimized controller architecture enables 800MB/s Sequential Read and 50K IOSs Random Read speed
●Capacity: 32GB-256GB
●Package: An unified small form factor, 11.5x13x1.0mm

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