Western Digital (SanDisk)

Industrial iNAND Storage

iNAND 7250
Industrial iNAND e.MMC Devices, Reliability and Endurance for Embedded Platforms
Industrial iNAND Storage
The iNAND 7250 Industrial embedded flash devices provide high reliability and endurance for industrial applications across a wide range of operational requirements. Designed and tested to withstand demanding environmental conditions, this industrial-grade embedded flash drive features advanced memory management firmware, providing the ideal local storage for industrial applications such as surveillance, drones, IoT gateways, transportation, and industrial PCs.

Built for Industrial Grade
●Operating Temp Range: -40°C to 85°C on Industrial Extended Temperature SKUs; -25°C to 85°C on ●Commercial and Industrial SKUs
●Broad portfolio: 8GB to 64GB
●Extended product life cycle
●Advanced controller built for endurance and reliability
●High endurance: up to 3K P/E cycles in MLC

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