STDP4320 is a high-speed DisplayPort dual mode splitter / De-multiplexer targeted for audio-video de-multiplexing and routing purposes in applications such as notebook, docking station, video hub and 4K2K displays etc.
STDP4320 is a VESA DP Standard Ver. 1.2a compliant device, supporting advanced features such as MST, HBR2, 3D formats and GTC assist. This device receives DP MST format up to eight audio-video streams, which can be further routed on either of the two outputs in any combination depending on the application.

●DisplayPort1.2a dual mode receiver
●Two DisplayPort1.2a dual mode  transmitters
●HDMI/DVI operation up to 320MHz
●SPDIF audio output
●Max video resolution 4K2K60Hz
●Multi-stream support up to 8 streams
●Steroscopic 3D forwarding
●HDCP1.x repeater with embedded keys
●AUX to I2C bridge for EDID pass through
●Deep color up to 16bpp (RGB/YCC)
●Low power consumption; Active 914mW, Standby 30mW
●172 LFBGA (12mm x 12mm) package

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