DURIS® - LEDs for General Lighting

DURIS® Family
The DURIS® E series, the perfect solution for cost-conscious applications. Or the DURIS® P products for professional outdoor applications. The low power device DURIS® S 2 for more lumens per Dollar and DURIS® 5, the mid-power LED, which stands for flexibility and efficiency. And with our Chip Array SMDs DURIS® S 8 and DURIS® S 10 the high and ultra high power LEDs, we are setting standards in compactness for professional indoor illumination.
DURIS® - LEDs for General Lighting
DURIS® E - Perfect homogeneity and high efficiency for cost-conscious applications.
DURIS® E, a mid-power LED portfolio from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, is ideal for efficient and homogeneous lighting applications. An industrial standard footprint with the combination of a small/medium lumen package and a wide beam angle is perfect for uniform light distribution.
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DURIS® L - The perfect choice for all indoor retrofits with a beam angle of 360°
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors´ filament LED series is the perfect choice for all indoor retrofits with a beam angle of 360°. Our innovative linear LED evolution now enables luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers to combine the advantages of modern LED technology and the aestetics of traditional light bulbs.
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DURIS® S 5 - Compact mid-power LED for longer lifetime and more efficiency.
The proven, innovative DURIS® S 5 family consists of various white and colored medium, mid-power LEDs with the standard 3030 dimensions and excellent efficiency, offering manufacturers and designers great versatility and flexibility.
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DURIS® S 8 - Always one step ahead
DURIS® S 8 family is known as CHIP ARRAY SMD (CAS) among the SSL portfolio. The multichip family is a revolutionary compact high power LED with high luminous flux, high forward voltage and high color consistency. It provides totally new opportunities for all indoor lighting and outdoor door lighting especially directional retrofit applications.
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DURIS® S 10 - The perfect arrangement for greater power and lower costs
DURIS® S 10 is the OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ successful chip-array SMD family, using an array of LEDs to create a single spot light design with an easy-to-assemble SMD component. Combining the proven reliability of all DURIS® family packages with an excellent light output up to 1,730 lumen. DURIS® S 10 opens up great new opportunities for both powerful and cost-effective general lighting solutions, from professional to consumer luminaires.
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