Enhance Secure Control Applications with Hardware Root-of-Trust and Dual Boot Capabilities
Builds on Proven MachXO3 Architecture – MachXO3D adds on immutable embedded security block, enhanced control functions, and expanded user flash memory up to 2700 kbits, and available in Commercial, Industrial and AEC-Q100 qualified Automotive grade.

Highly Secured FPGA –Immutable security enables Hardware Root-of-Trust and pre-verified cryptographic functions such as ECDSA, ECIES, AES, SHA, HMAC, TRNG, Unique Secure ID and Public/Private Key Generation.

On Device Dual Boot Flash – No need for external memory for dual boot configuration. On device dual boot flash enables fail-safe programming and provides flexible in-field updates.

- Simplifies implementation of hardware security by integrating Root-of-Trust in your platform’s first on, last off device
- Supports security throughout the product lifecycle including device manufacturing and transport, platform. manufacturing, installation, operation and decommissioning.
- Enables comprehensive protection against a variety of threats by providing data security, equipment security, data authentication, design security and brand protection.
- Programmable logic combined with secure dual boot configuration block provides flexibility during design implementation and enables secure updates after equipment deployment.
- Delivers robust security compliant with NIST SP 800 193 PFR guidelines by protecting non-volatile memory, detecting malicious code and recovering in case of corruption.

*Lattice Authorized Distributor
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