GRAID Technology Inc.


The world's first NVMeoF RAID card that delivers 100% of available SSD performance

Designed for a modern software composable environment, GRAID Technology brings you the next generation of RAID card that not only protects your direct-attached flash storage but also those connected via NVMe over Fabrics, with unbelievable performance and extremely low TCO.
Designed for NVMe SSDs

Ready for the Future
Get ready for SCI (Software Composable Infrastructure), bringing you to a new level of flexibility and automation capabilities.

World Record Performance
6M IOPS 4k random IO and 25GB/s throughput with single GRAID SupremeRAID™ card, redefining the performance standards of SSD RAID technology.

Plug & Play
Effortless installation, without requiring the burden of cabling or motherboard re-layout.

Free-up CPU Resources for Other Applications
Offload your entire RAID computation to the GRAID card, freeing-up precious CPU computing resources for 5G, AI and AIoT applications.

Highly Extendable
GRAID Technology has enabled SupremeRAID™ with capabilities to add-on more features like compression, encryption, or thin provisioning, and it even has the potential to be used for computational storage.

Ease of Management
Unlike traditional HW RAID systems, GRAID SupremeRAID™ doesn't rely on memory caching technology to improve performance that requires installation & management of battery backup modules.

*GRAID Technology Inc. Authorized Distributor
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