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Embedded MRAM

Avalanche’s embedded MRAM macros provided through foundry partners enable quick and efficient implementation of complex and cost effective SoC designs.
Embedded MRAM
With advancement in process geometries offered by ASIC foundries, System on Chips (SoC) are having multiple CPU cores for increased functionality. Multiple CPU cores require significantly increased amounts of embedded memories, in many cases 4X that which was used in prior generation products.

SoC designers are constantly faced with the challenge of choosing between the various embedded memory types offered by ASIC foundries, their product needs and competitive pressures. Typically used in embedded applications are old technologies like SRAM, EEPROM and FLASH; each has its advantages, but along with those come significant weaknesses.

Embedded Perpendicular STT-MRAM Technology (epMRAM)
Avalanche’s next generation epMRAM is fully integrated, energy efficient, has fast reads and writes, has no static leakage through MRAM bitcell and is ideal for IoT, storage and compute applications. epMRAM is offered in two flavors, namely, eMRAM and eSRAM. epMRAM has excellent data endurance and retention characteristics; eMRAM: 1×109 Write Cycles with 20 years data retention at 85°C, eSRAM: 1×1016 Write Cycles with 20 years data retention at 85°C. Avalanche’s epMRAM can seamlessly replace embedded Flash (eFlash) and embedded SRAM (eSRAM) which are widely used in modern SoCs. eFlash and eSRAM are both facing scaling challenges beyond 28nm; eFlash due to limitations in channel length and endurance whilst eSRAM due to excessive leakage. Avalanche’s epMRAM has no such challenges and is easily scalable to lower geometries (sub-10nm nodes).

Avalanche’s eMRAM macros are enabled using standard manufacturing processes in existing CMOS FABs on top of the metal layer with two additional masks.


Avalanche’s epMRAM Technology Benefits
  • Flexible MTJ placement between any two metal layers (including CT and M1) w/o process change below/above MTJ layers – scalable to sub-10nm nodes
  • Thermally robust MTJ – no TMR and Vc degradation @400°C/150 min
  • Excellent MTJ data retention – including 260°C solder reflow support
  • Immunity to high stray magnetic field
  • Chemical-damage-free MTJ etch with single mask – improved performance and low cost

Avalanche’s epMRAM Technology Attributes
Avalanche’s epMRAM technology delivers the next generation scalable versatile memory architecture with the benefits of low latency, low power, infinite endurance, high performance and scalability to lower geometry nodes.


Avalanche’s epMRAM with versatile memory architecture enables unified code and data space solutions. epMRAM is available through foundry partners empowering the next generations of GPUs, MCUs, DSPs, ASSPs and ASICs as eFlash and eSRAM replacements. We look forward to working with your team to create exciting and better performing SoCs.

*Avalanche Technology Authorized Distributor 
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