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Intelligent Retail Edge

E100, E300
Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge provides an integrated software-defined operating platform that significantly simplifies the deployment, management, orchestration, and networking of Edge infrastructure and applications. The platform runs on Supermicro’s IoT and edge hardware, ranging from small edge devices to full-scale rack-based edge servers that can support GPU, FPGA, and other technologies.
Intelligent Retail Edge
Technology disruption in the Retail industry and the rise of e-commerce continues to put tremendous pressure on brick-and-mortar retailers. In the past, technology at the store level was primarily focused on improving store operations with backend systems such as inventory management and supply chain, PoS, and security/loss prevention. However, there is an opportunity for retailers to combine their physical presence with innovative technologies to create unique and valuable experiences for their customers. Organizations that will adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, analytics, and digital signage will be able to deliver immersive experiences, better services, and greater efficiencies for consumers. The foundation of these new capabilities is a technology platform that is flexible to adapt to new applications, simple to deploy and manage, autonomous at any scale, optimized and cost-compatible with the retail edge. Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge is the next-generation platform that enables retailers to simplify and automate the delivery and management of applications, data, networking, and infrastructure across their distributed locations in a flexible, reliable and secure manner.

Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge platform developed in collaboration with NodeWeaver and NetFoundry, is a complete edge computing platform which provides a reliable, flexible, and secure infrastructure solution for retailers, restaurants, hotels and others.
  • Low-touch fleet installation: Initial site configuration and application customization and startup can be performed by a technician without IT skills. Ship, connect to the network, and power on to start the self-configuration process.
  • Lightweight: Specifically developed for smaller environments, the Intelligent Retail Edge platform achieves feature and function parity with datacenter-grade hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions in a much smaller compute footprint, making it ideal for instore deployment.
  • Hardware agnostic: Heterogeneous clusters are fully supported, even across different CPU generations and families. It is an extensible platform that is neutral to applications and autonomous at any scale, and designed to run any application, anywhere, non-stop and continually self-optimized with no human interaction. This modular approach allows for hardware to be phased-in incrementally, and enables customers to achieve operational and supply chain flexibility and cost savings.
  • Reliability and scalability: The solution delivers highly available server clusters, allowing servers to be clustered together over the Ethernet network to form “nano-clouds”. Applications are automatically load-balanced across all servers in the cluster, all storage is automatically replicated to different systems in the cluster, and virtual machines restart automatically in the event of a server outage. The criticality of these local applications increases the need for high-reliability of these in-store systems.
  • Application support: Support for both current and future applications that may require specialized hardware accelerators such as GPU, TPU and VPU. Existing PoS applications can be virtualized to extend longevity and increase availability. Virtual machines (VMs), containers, and/or serverless applications are all supported and NodeWeaver Marketplaces supports automated custom application configuration and deployment.
  • Maintenance features: New components (hard drives, network connections) and systems are automatically detected, added and load-leveled, and clusters can be seamlessly composed of different servers – even different chip families – to support optimal expansion and non-disruptive hardware refreshes. There is no need to stock identical systems for spares, simply replace failed systems with the latest available hardware. Automatic, non-disruptive firmware updates ensure secure non-stop operation with no system administrator involvement.
  • Management features: Most management tasks are fully autonomous. Applications are autonomically optimized across available resources. Create application service stacks to automatically start and elastically scale related in-store applications. Choice of management interfaces: local or remote web-based GUI, or programmatic via the API.
  • Cost appropriate: Dramatic lly reduces cost of ownership by simplifying operations and reducing the need for IT expertise or human intervention. 

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